If I have to be honest, I was quite worried about this comeback. Why? Because their latest MV, “Fingertip“, with a new style, less childish and more gritty, didn’t have many positive critiques, indeed…the word “flop” is perfect. (Ok, it had 15 millions of views on YT, but if we compare to previous comebacks, such as “Navillera” or “Rough“, well…it doesn’t support the comparison.) And, personally, I still don’t understand the reason. I was excited about this change of style, since I was a bit tired of the “cute” image they gave. 😕

Already we have gone bad with the teaser images, very similar to “Navillera“. But I wanted to be patient.

After listening to rumors saying that the song was a kind of mix of “Navillera” and “Me gustas you“, I’ve already started to “stuck up my nose”. But I wanted to be patient. I also wasn’t going to watch the teaser to make things worse, but on IG I found about 4 fanpages dedicated to GFRIEND (who I follow) who had posted it. Fortunately, I didn’t run the volume of the video, so I only saw the video part of the video…and that wasn’t good. Not at all. HOWEVER I wanted to be patient.

When the MV was finally released…I didn’t want to be patient anymore.


The song can be pretty, okay, but too much resemblance to “Navillera“, “Me gustas you“, “Glass Bead” and “Rough” makes it boring and infinite. Then I don’t understand why Source Music always uses that damn synthesizer sound that always starts at the beginning of the song and matches the melody of the girls. Let’s try to be careful in all the songs and you will also notice it. I still appreciate the great vocal qualities, but that isn’t enough. It’s a song that you forget so easily, because you think of the previous songs.


This isn’t good either. Too many similarities with other MVs. OMG.. I don’t know if they are “Easter Eggs”, but I don’t think the agency can do these things at all. The first similitude, the first, the one that annoyed me most of all, was the choreography: some steps were “taken” from the previous ones. I say that… maybe I’m particularly fussy about some things, but I still want to communicate it. This was the worst for me:

Love Whisper:


Me gustas tu:


Then I found other similarities about the locations:

Love Whisper:





Apparently, Source Music loves trains…without a double meaning.


Or some details like walls or very similar vintage things:

Love Whisper:




In conclusion, Source Music wanted to “hazard” with Fingertip and it preferred to step back and return to the safe world…boring but still safe. I don’t know yet how much Buddies (maybe I’ve already started…) will get tired of this monotony. Now GFriends are not little girl anymore. Of course, they aren’t women yet, but they can afford to take away these innocent image and to try something more dangerous. They have the talent, just enough that the agency takes away the vice to “recycle” the old style. It’s always risky to experience something new, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know”, but there’s the other side of the coin: the finging something that can go even better than before.

Anyway, to conclude, I don’t think that “Love Whisper” is a bad song, but just a song already heard.


PS: I’ve read that GFriend have SNSD as rolemodel: the queens of change, the female chameleons for concepts and styles. If they really want to look like the most famous girls group in South Korea, they should start right from SNSD’s best quality: the courage to experiment.



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